Cosmetic Junk

There is so much junk in cosmetics these days so choosing a more natural skin care regime helps greatly to reduce your toxic load – resulting in clearer healthier skin. Pair this with a clean, green healthy diet to improve both your skin…it’s your biggest organ after all, and your health. I think, “is this food going to cleanse or clog me” it’s simple really, what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream – so why not go for a double whammy – natural skin food inside and out! Our skin changes all the time, shedding old skin cells while new cells are generated, but especially in the Autumn. You may notice a dry, itchy feel after a shower a lot of this is to do with SLS/SLES in shower gels/soaps as well as sudden changes

In temperature. I have experimented making shower gels though so far have proved too expensive to manufacture without a preservative. Back to the drawing board on that one!

Check out my next blog…how to make a natural, yummy body butter with of course…no preservatives!