Our Story

Thank-you for visiting Melorganic, here is a message from the founder, Melanie:  

"As long as I can remember I have always had a curiosity and passion for essential oils and their power to heal. I think this stems from my late father who was a chartered chemist. He would do ‘magic tricks’ mixing chemicals, making them change colour, and more often than not explode…!

Our mission is to share how beneficial natural, organic products are for our skin and how harmful mass made products are…containing SLS/SLES, and many other additives you have never heard of, let alone pronounce!

To be honest, I really struggled getting people to listen to what I had to say, people didn’t care about the SLS/SLES, formaldehyde, parabens, in almost all cosmetics damaging their skin. Why would they? And why would they listen to me?

At that moment, I realised it was my mission to spread the right knowledge and message about what we have been putting on our skin, and the chemical processes that go into making mainstream cosmetics - I knew I could create something that could change people’s lives.

So, I created Melorganic…my organic, preservative free skincare and wellness range - the results have been overwhelming. One beautiful lady named Blanche hadn’t been able to use ANY skin creams on her face in over 5 years, after just one day of using my Nourishing anti-aging cream she had no reaction and her skin glows like the sun to this day.

Every day I am grateful to be able to help those who previously has confidence issues, allergies to cosmetics, or just needed the right information and treatment. I hope you will join my journey and connect with me on Facebook in the melorganic community.

If you have taken time out of your day to read my story, THANK YOU! please leave a review and let me know your feedback, I read and reply to each and every one <3

I am grateful for my skin.