Aromatherapy ENERGISE Rollerball
Aromatherapy ENERGISE Rollerball

Aromatherapy ENERGISE Rollerball

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10ml: Organic Essential Oils, Vegan, Handmade in the UK

Product Features

HANDMADE IN THE UK - Every bottle is handmade in London with love. We make small batches which are frequently tested to ensure freshness and potency of each essential oil.

ANTIDEPRESSANT properties - REFRESHING Sweet Orange is known to have anti-depressant properties to help combat anxiety, tension, and frustration.

REDUCES TOXINS - JUNIPER BERRY may help with improved blood circulation and reducing toxins such as uric acid from the body.

IMPROVES CONCENTRATION - LIVELY lemon has purifying and uplifting properties on the mind and body.

CLEANSING AND PURIFYING - ZESTY Grapefruit, which helps as an excellent diuretic and lymphatic stimulant.

Directions: Inhale deeply, apply regularly to pulse points.