Root Chakra Cleansing Mist

Root Chakra Cleansing Mist

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100ml: de-ionized calcite charged water, organic essential oils, vegan, handmade in the UK.

 HANDMADE IN THE UK - Every bottle is handmade in London with love. We make small batches which are frequently tested to ensure freshness and potency of each essential oil.

 A cleansing aura mist infused with organic essential oils to protect, stabilise and ground you, ridding negativity in your auric field.

 Product Features

 Essences of organic frankincense, rosewood, cedarwood, patchouli, black pepper

 The aura is the layer of subtle energy that surrounds the physical body. When it is strong and vibrant it provides a bubble of protection within which we relate to the world around us. If it is weakened it can leave us feeling over-sensitive and open to others thoughts and strong emotions often without realising it. Shock, trauma, excessive use of alcohol or drugs, illness and excessive emotional neediness can all weaken the auric field. Root chakra cleansing mist will help to strengthen the auric field, balance over-sensitivity and keep you grounded in your own energy.